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Coordinates to DXF converter.

RapidDXF LT allows to convert coordinates files (topographic data, GPS, mechanical, etc) to DXF files to open in your your CAD system.

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RapidDXF LT.


RapidDXF LT is a stand-alone application that does not require AutoCAD.


RapidDXF LT reads text files (*.txt, *.csv, *.asc, etc.) than contain coordinates (and possibly other various data), and creates AutoCAD DXF files. The DXF files so created are usable in any CAD software.


Data files must be plain Text files. They can have any number of data fields (or columns), but only the Number/Label, X(East) coordinate, Y(North) coordinate, Z(Elevation), and Point Description fields are used.




RapidDXF LT is a simplified version of RapidDXF 4.0. It does not read XLS (Microsoft Excel) files, and has less options. If you need to process XLS files or need more settings, please see RapidDXF 4.0



Configuration panel
Configuration panel

DXF file content

DXF objects created in the DXF file are :

In order to create a DXF file, you must configure the imported fields properties, as well as what will be created in the DXF file.

For each field used by RapidDXF LT (Number/Label, X, Y, Z and Description), you need to indicate if this field is present in the data file, at which column number it can be found and if it has a prefix. Then, if you choose to create this field (as a text object) you must indicate its DXF properties, Layer, Color, Text Size, and optionally a prefix to add.

The DXF files created by RapidDXF are compatible with most CAD software.



Example of a coordinate file and its resulting DXF file.

Coordinate file DXF file



Download RapidDXF LT 1.1
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Available for Windows XP to 10

Download RapidDXF LT 1.1


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