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DeliCADMiscellaneous add-ons for AutoCAD and BricsCADRapidDXF 4.0
 RapidDXF - Import coordinate files  


RapidDXF is a stand-alone application that does not require AutoCAD.

RapidDXF 4.0 allows to import topographic data in your CAD system. It reads ASCII (text) or XLS (Microsoft Excel) files of coordinates and creates DXF (version 12) files. The DXF files so created are usable in any CAD software.

Coordinate files can be GPS files, XYZ files, generaly files with the following format: Number, X (East), Y (North), Z (Elevation), Description. Moreover, a special Code field can be processed for polyline creation.

Main window

Format editor

The DXF entities created in the DXF file are :

  • POINT entity : a point is created at the X Y and Z coordinates. It can be 2D or 3D.
  • TEXT entity : these are text strings for Number, X, Y, Z and Description datas.
  • POLYLINE entity : a multiple segments line joining specified point

For each of these entities, you can choose a layer and a color.

A format indicates which data must be extracted from the coordinates file. RapidDXF can process the following type of data : Number or Label of the point, X (East) Coordinate, Y (North) Coordinate, Z (Elevation) Coordinate, Description of the point, Code for polyline creation.

The coordinate file must contain at least the minimum required fields : X and Y coordinates. It can also contain more than the 6 fields recognized by RapidDXF in which case the data in these fields is not used.

The DXF files created by RapidDXF are compatible with most CAD software.

DXF file created


If you don't need to import XLS files or need a simpler software, please check RapidDXF LT


Availability :

  • Windows 2000 and higher
See also : FlashPoints Version franšaise

Additional Information

Need more information about this add-on or about the website : please contact me.

Download RapidDXF

Download demo version, fully functional but limited to 20 uses, with full documentation.

Download RapidDXF for Windows

Buy RapidDXF

To buy RapidDXF 4.0c license ( 55.00 € ) via Internet, please enter the copy number of the software (+ Info), then click the 'Buy now' button. You will be redirected to website to register. You'll then receive your license code by e-mail within minutes. (Make sure your anti-spam filter doesn't block messages from

If you want to use another payment method, or buy several licenses, please contact me.

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