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DivSurf - Surface division

Creation of plots, design of subdivisions, land division, demarcation.

DivSurf allows you to divide a boundary into pre-defined area sub-boundaries.

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DivSurf - Surface division
DivSurf - Surface division



DivSurf allows you to divide an irregular polygon composed of line and / or arc segments into pre-defined area sub-polygons.

DivSurf is useful for the creation of plots, the design of subdivisions, the division of land, the demarcation ...

The polygon to be subdivided (which must be a closed 2D polyline) can be divided according to 2 methods:




DivSurf - Surface division
Division of a surface according to the method "Parallel to any direction" and according to the method "Passing through a point"


On the left, 30% of the area of the polygon detached parallel to the direction A-B.

On the right, 30% of the area of the polygon detached by forcing the passage of the new contour through point P.




DivSurf demo :




Download DivSurf 1.0
Download demo version, fully functional but limited to 20 days

Available for AutoCAD, BricsCAD, ZwCAD and GStarCAD

Download DivSurf 1.0 (32 and 64 bits)

How to install DivSurf 1.0


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