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Associative embankment .

FlashTalus allows to create associative embankments which automatically update when one of the elements of the embankment is modified.

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Above, 'Normal embankment' with and without foot, below 'Large' embankment with and without foot
Above, "Normal" embankment with and without foot, below "Large" embankment with and without foot

Embankments creation

You can create 2 types of embankment, "Normal" or "Wide", each composed of a top-line (the crest) and one or more bottom-lines (the foot), or only a top-line.

The elements that can constitute a crest or a slope foot are: lines, polylines, arcs and splines.

You can create different embankment models suitable for different scales by adjusting the barb size and spacing settings.

Embankments created in this manner are dynamic and redraw automatically when you modify the crest or foot of the embankment using one of the AutoCAD editing commands.


Embankments Configuration
Embankments Configuration

Embankments Configuration

Before you can create embankments, you must create one or more configurations, which is to define for each type of embankment (normal and wide) the size and spacing of the barbules, as well as creation options.

You can create and save as many configurations as you want, then reuse them as needed.

In addition, you can easily modify the parameters of an embankment, or even transform one type of embankment into another by using the slope edit command.



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