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Topographic points

FlashPoints is a tool for creating and managing point Groups (topographic points for example).

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Point Groups Manager
Point Groups Manager

The Point Groups Manager

The points are organized in groups to allow an easy differentiation of these. A FlashPoints group is a list containing a number of point numbers on which it is possible to perform various operations (rotation, altitude change ...).

Point groups are managed through the "Point Group Manager" dialog box.

The Manager allows you to create or delete groups of points, to add or remove points from a group of points by selection or criteria, to consult the list of points, etc.




Import a text point file
Import a coordinate file

Import a point file

FlashPoints allows you to create points in the current group from a text or Leica (.gsi) coordinate file.

A columnar text coordinate file must have the following structure :

The fields can appear in any order and the field separator can be a Space, a Comma or a Semicolon. You must indicate the position of the fields in the file.


A Leica GSI coordinate file can be GSI8 or GSI16.


The points will be created based on size, color, etc. settings that you specified in the 'Settings' tab of the dialog box.


Points, numbers and altitudes
Points, numbers and altitudes

Attributes Non-overlapping
Attributes Non-overlapping

Frame around Attributes
Frame around Attributes

Manipulation of points

FlashPoints includes all the tools to organize, modify, edit your points, among which:




Filter entities




Points Number input box
Points Number input box

Auto drawn polylines and multi-copied circle
Auto drawn polylines and multi-copied circle

Points Number input box

FlashPoints comes with a "Points Number input box" that lets you respond to AutoCAD commands with a point Number or a sequence of points Numbers rather than with a click or coordinates.


This dialog box activates whenever you pass the mouse cursor over it.


You can for example issue the POLYLINE command, then enter in the box "100-200,205,207" : this will create a polyline passing through points 100 to 200, then 205, then 207


Other example : multiple copy of entities: issue the COPY command, select objects to be copied, select the "Multiple" option of the command, indicate the base point, then put the mouse cursor on the "FlashPoints" input box. It activates, enter " 100-125" in the edit-box, then [RETURN], the selected objects are copied at points 100 to 125.


If you enter a point number in the box while there is no active command, the point number and its coordinates will be shown on the command line as follow : >> Coordinates of point 125 : X=906.124, Y=519.413, Z=10.000




Download FlashPoints 3.03
Download demo version, fully functional but limited to 20 days

Available for AutoCAD, BricsCAD, ZWCad and GStarCAD

Download FlashPoints 3.03 (32 and 64 bits)

How to install FlashPoints 3.03


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