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A partir d'un axe en plan, créez les profils en long et en travers du terrain naturel, construisez
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DeliCADMiscellaneous add-ons for AutoCAD and BricsCADPLineTools 1.1
 PLineTools - Polyline tools  


PLineTools is a set of more than 40 tools allowing easy edition, modification and creation of 2D or 3D polylines.



Vertices Densification

Converting Arcs to straight segments

PLineTools allows to :

  • find and revert polylines direction
  • transform arc segments into straight segments
  • densify vertices
  • delete duplicate vertices
  • delete colinear vertices
  • divide a polyline into several polylines of fixed length
  • divide a polyline into a fixed number of polylines
  • extract part of a polyline
  • offset part of a polyline
  • compute areas by layer or color
  • quick edit of a 3D polyline vertices
  • offset a 3D polyline
  • project polylines onto a plan
  • modifiy polylines width
  • etc...



During certain commands on closed polylines, PLineTools lets you choose the part to be processed, like below :


See online documentation

Availability :

  • AutoCAD 2000 and higher
  • Bricscad 15 and higher

Polyline division
See also : ActiveLine Pro Version franšaise

Additional Information

Need more information about this add-on or about the website : please contact me.

Download PLineTools

Download demo version, fully functional but limited to 20 uses, with full documentation.

Download PLineTools for AutoCAD

Download PLineTools for BricsCAD

Notice : from Autocad 2010, this add-on requires the prior installation of "VBA for AutoCAD", available here.

How to install the add-on
More information about BricsCAD

Buy PLineTools

To buy PLineTools 1.1 license ( 59.00 € ) via Internet, please enter the copy number of the software (+ Info), then click the 'Buy now' button. You will be redirected to website to register. You'll then receive your license code by e-mail within minutes. (Make sure your anti-spam filter doesn't block messages from

If you want to use an other payment method, or buy several licenses, please contact me.

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